Thursday, September 29, 2011

To my gorgeous unicorn

I never told you this, but it was obviously implied in several occasions O:)

Ever since I met you, I've been amazed by your unparalleled fashion sense. You're without a doubt, my one (and hence) only fashion icon.

There's nothing you can't do, you're the most multitalented person I know, and I absolutely love how passionate you can get, it's truly inspiring. Whichever dream you follow, whether it's fashion, finance, marketing, or marine biology related, I'll always be your no. 1 fan, no doubt in mind! (but you already know that.)

I created this blog for you, so you can unleash the fashion icon that you are, and show that side of you to everyone else. I know for a fact that your selections/posts will leave them all in complete awe.

"You're my gorgeous unicorn"

Can't hardly wait for your first post! 

Your person,


Edited: I reread the post, and I deleted a whole paragraph, kheft yan'6lounich! :')